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The Highlands Seattle

The Highlands is the ultimate in luxury Seattle real estate for privacy, upscale living, and a traditional, historic feel. Just having a chance to drive through this neighborhood allows one to experience a great piece of Seattle history that has been seen by only a small slice of the local population.

The Highlands Seattle - Membership

The Highlands Seattle is a private neighborhood requiring membership. Applicants must have a legally binding right to acquire real property in The Highlands and intend to live here on a full- or part-time basis.  Our Membership Committee reviews membership applications and welcomes new members to our community.  New members must pay an initiation fee and sign certain documents governing the neighborhood, including our By-laws.  The Highlands does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender or sexuality.  Membership confers access to the community facilities and other amenities.

This description is intended to be a summary of the relevant provisions of the By-laws of The Highlands. In the event of an inconsistency or discrepancy between this summary and the relevant provisions of the By-laws, the By-laws will prevail.

Prospective members are encouraged to contact us to learn more about our community.


The Highlands, Inc. is a member oriented organization and prides itself in providing first class service and value.  Guided by a Board of Directors, General Manager, committees and members, The Highlands administration is responsible for providing numerous services.

The member-elected Board is responsible for setting the annual operating and capital budgets in conjunction with the General Manager.  Dues and assessments are proposed by the Board and voted on by the membership in its annual meeting.

Currently some of these services include:

• Accounting
• Administration including Payroll, Member Directories and Signage, Office Management, Committee Minutes, Network, and Wi-Fi in the administrative building
• Amenities for member use including tennis courts, pool/bath houses, barbecue area, playfields beach access, croquet grounds, Chapel and meeting rooms
• Board and committee support
• Budget creation and management
• Calendar of all member events
• Maintenance and repair for Sanitary and Storm Drain Sewer systems
• Maintenance and repair for water systems, meters, and delivery
• Janitorial services for all common area buildings
• Landscaping and maintenance for all common areas, tennis courts, and all trails and paths
• Mail delivery, pick up, forwarding and holding post during member absence
• Member emergency support 24/7
• Newsletters and communications
• Notary services
• On call utility and maintenance personnel 24/7
• WA State licensed pool care and maintenance
• Preschool support
• Repair and maintenance of all buildings and equipment
• Road repair, street cleaning, and snow removal
• Safety of members and employees; OSHA and WISHA compliant
• Security including 24/7 monitored access, common security systems, and egress control
• Security night patrols
• Signage and directions for visiting guests
• Supervision of all employees
• Support for City Light and Gas maintenance and repair
• Support for contractors working in The Highlands
• Support for Member activity, Committees, Board, as well as Annual Picnic, Holiday Party and other events
• Web Site for marketing and secure site for members, staff, and school

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