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About The Highlands

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 About the highlands

The Highlands has just over 100 beautiful private residences with lot sizes ranging from 0.9 acres to 9.8 acres, with an average of 2+ acres, each thoughtfully sited amongst 400 acres of this Olmsted designed community. The first homes were built just after the community was formed in 1908 and over half were constructed before the 1940s.  Many have been substantially remodeled and updated or completely re-built. The community feel is supported by walking trails through 100 acres of reservation urban forest, play fields, tennis courts, a pool and wading pool with bathhouses, a preschool, chapel, and private access to a nearby secluded Puget Sound beach.

Residents also enjoy the incredible varieties of wildlife found in The Highlands.  The community plays host to countless species of birds, from quail to woodpeckers to larger birds such as osprey and bald eagles.  Many of these birds are not just spotted occasionally – they call The Highlands home, and their nests can be seen resting on the branches of cedars, redwoods and Douglas firs.

Walking trails crisscross through much of the forest, combining with the road system to form ideal routes for morning jogs, hikes and dog walking.  Many trails are regularly maintained, and in 2008 The Highlands partnered with Cascade Land Conservancy (now Forterra) to open a new 16 acre private native park with a fish bearing pond and picnic areas for member use.  Our most spectacular trail is Beach Drive, a deeply wooded path that leads to a quiet beach on the shores of the Puget Sound.  Residents are invited to follow the trail, which runs alongside Boeing Creek, through ancient towering trees, and down to the sands and tide-pools of the beach.