Chapel Rules and Guidelines


Use:   Use of the chapel is limited to current members of the Highlands and their families, descendants of the H.C. Henry family, active members of St Dunstan’s Highlands Parish and individuals sponsored by a current member of the Highlands.

Sponsorship:   The Highlands member sponsoring an event is responsible for all expenses, arrangements and clean-up in preparation for and resulting from the event and will be given a key for the chapel to provide access for the florist, the rehearsal and practice sessions for the organist.

Clean-up:  The chapel must be cleaned up after the event and prior to the following Sunday morning service.

Scheduling:  All scheduling is handled through the inquiry form, or a designated Highlands representative. Dates/schedules will always be confirmed before officially booking them.

Charges:  The current rental rate is $1,000 for Highlands residents or sponsored events and $1,500 for non-Highlands events.  Payment must be received two weeks before the event date.  Checks should be made out to:  Florence Henry Memorial Chapel; send to The Highlands, 181 NW Highland Drive, Shoreline WA 98177.

Organist:  The parish organist can be reached by calling St Dunstan’s at 206 363-4319 and a fee negotiated or the event participants can choose to provide their own source of music.

Officiant:  The officiant is arranged for privately by the participants.

Entrance to the Highlands:  Guests will enter the Highlands through the main gate.  A list of guests and the time and date of the event will be provided to the gate by either the St Dunstan’s officiant or the sponsoring Highlands member.

Flowers:  Altar flowers, to be arranged in two separate vases, are expected to be left at the church for the services on the following Sunday.  The chapel has two brass vases with liners that can be picked up by the florist during the week prior to the event.  Artificial flowers are not permitted.

Other Equipment:  Arrangements once reservation has occurred for use of the wedding altar frontal, the wrought iron candelabra or the outside hurricane lamps.