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The Seattle Highland Community

“A person becoming a member of The Highlands automatically falls heir to the efforts of those pioneers who conceived The Highlands and were willing to give it their devoted efforts in order to build it into what it is today…. It is the obligation of those of us who have come here in recent years to see that what has been so well built will be preserved and developed. ” 
— William M. Allen, president of Boeing Airplane Co. 1945-1968, speaking on his last day as president of The Highlands in 1943.

 Community in The Highlands Seattle can refer to the maintenance of landscape and facilities, but it also refers to the general sense of connection felt by every member.  Not surprisingly, these two elements work hand-in-hand to ensure that the peace, beauty, and privacy of the community are kept up and improved.  Community values are embodied by a well-honed governance structure that serves the members' needs; a mechanism exercised annually when the membership comes together to review and approve its budgets.

An elected Board of Trustees oversees the entire scope of community responsibilities.  The Board, in turn, is supported by a number of offices and committees that manage projects and the day-to-day operations.  A full time General Manager works with a staff of security officers, landscapers, teachers, and site administrators to provide the wide range of amenities available to Highlands members.  The General Manager also works closely with The Highlands' member-run committees.  These groups of collaborative residents meet regularly to develop and carry out policy covering a wide range of responsibilities, like those below:

  • Annual Picnic and Holiday Parties

  • Chapel and Chapel Concert Series

  • Commons, Trails, and Parks

  • Communications

  • Governance

  • Landscape

  • Membership/Hospitality

  • Pools and Tennis

  • School

  • Security