We offer a framework within a loving environment that encourages individual choices.

Social Growth

Children are provided with many opportunities to interact with each other. When conflicts arise, children are encouraged to work them out as independently as possible. The teacher provides encouragement to learn to work with partners and small and large groups.


There is a lot of talking in our classrooms! The schedule allows limitless opportunities for oral language development. We sing songs, recite poetry, read big books, discuss ideas, solve problems and constantly encourage verbal interaction.


We offer group opportunities for children to experience art processes. Materials are always available for individual exploration during Choice Time. The children are offered experiences with musical instruments as well as exposure to different types of music. Children listen, play and move to music on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with our wonderful music specialist.


We focus on teaching math through concrete experiences with manipulatives. During their time at our school, the children will be exposed to the concepts of pattern, sorting and classifying, estimating and graphing. Literature with mathematical concepts is used frequently.


Hands-on exploration will be our focus in science. The setting of our unique school gives us many opportunities to explore and interact with the creatures and wildlife.  Classes are taught by our amazing Naturalist. The texture table and water table provide opportunities for additional exploration of scientific and mathematical concepts.